About Me

prof-photo-maryInstructional design begins with assessment and observation. Who are the learners and what do they need? Having recently completed my graduate degree in Instructional Design and Technology, I am poised to use the latest technical tools to create engaging, interactive, e-Learning modules. As a lifetime educator, I’ve been engaged in instructional design all along.

My career spans work with English language learners (ELL) who didn’t understand a word I said, to students with special needs requiring accommodation, to developing training—including e-Learning—for faculty and staff. I am known for being easy to work with and for my positive training style. My Instructional Design philosophy puts the learner in control and in the driver’s seat. I design so the learner is actively engaged with the learning experience, not on the receiving end of information overload.  I believe the best instruction is interactive and is planned only after careful assessment of the environment, learning gaps and audience. I enjoy taking complex information and presenting it in an understandable, accessible way.

I have strong development capabilities and particularly enjoy working through this part of the ADDIE process. My master’s degree in Instructional Design focused on the latest adult learning theories, e-learning, and project management. My multicultural skills are a bonus. I give whatever I put my hand to my very best effort. I love being creative; and I enjoy working with all kinds of people! Contact me if you would like to know more.