Course of Distinction: Creating a Course to Help Learners Differentiate Between Two Similar Items

As one of my projects, I wanted to create an example to demonstrate how I would design a course to help learners distinguish between two similar items (Which is a raven and which is a crow?) It’s a fun way to exercise that “attention to detail” muscle.

When I was designing this course, I wanted to focus on delivering the “need to know” information and leave the “nice to know” stuff behind because I didn’t want to overload the learner with too many facts. My method, then, was to make sure that the information covered the main features and was provided in bits that the learner could interact with. I banished bullet points altogether. Since this course was focused on the main distinguishing features of the crow and the raven, I generally always tried to show the features side-by-side. That way, the learner could easily review the differences on a single slide. In addition, the course offers various multimedia features to help the learner explore beyond textual information.

Throughout this course the user is always in control. I deliberately chose not to narrate the information because I wanted the learners to be able to move at their own pace and choose which feature they wanted to learn about next. The tabs at the left allow for non-sequential movement. Finally, when the learners complete the chapters, there is a fun drag-and-drop knowledge check at the end. The learners can’t fail, but if they want, they can review the information if one area needs to be revisited, or, they can click on links to learn more.

I enjoyed putting this course together. I liked the challenge of going for a clean look which allowed a variety of interactive features.

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