• Do’s and Don’ts

      This was another weekly challenge I thought was useful as a quick online compliance training for most company staff. My priority for this design was to create an interactive environment for the learner to note a common problem, review right and wrong ways to communicate the issue, and then assess why the correct option is the […]
    • Ravens Versus Crows

      I was challenged to create a course which taught how to distinguish between two similar things. In this case, being able to identify the differences between ravens and crows. Click on the link button to view the short course complete with knowledge check at the end.
    • Brightly colored autumn photo

      Photoshop Work Sample

      This is a sample of the kind of work I can do in Photoshop. The original photo was a rather bland, overexposed photo of a tree that I punched up by desaturating the original and then deepening the color layers by masking portions of the layers and using different blending techniques.  
    • Course introduction with engagement options

      Interactive Facilitator Introduction

      I needed to create an introduction about myself as a facilitator for a course on safety in the workplace. I didn’t want the introduction to be boring, so I thought I’d jazz it up by making it interactive. This gave the student the option to decide what they wanted to know about me.  In addition […]
    • Cartoon sheep with multi-colored yarn balls in place of wool.

      Weekly Challenge

      I have recently discovered the Weekly Challenges at the Articulate Storyline site. My first challenge was to create an anthropomorphic character to teach the learner a fact or skill. As an avid knitter, I thought a lesson about all the different kinds of yarn and what they are best suited for, would be a fun […]
    • Rules of Engagement: Learning in a synchronous environment

      Synchronous Know-How

      This animated video was designed to acclimate learners new to an online meeting environment. I based the video's information on George Piskurich's suggestions for interacting online. 
    • Are you prepared for an emergency?

      Emergency Management Website Teacher Training

      The school district had a problem with getting teachers adequately trained on a website designed to help them prepare for the many emergencies that can occur on campus. The district asked for a solution to the current practice of training teachers to use the website on the day before classes began. The problem was the […]