Mary Eckes
Freelance Instructional Designer


What I Do

I Build Courses

My courses are custom designed for your specific needs. I begin with the end in mind: listening carefully to what outcomes are desired and create learning tools that target these goals without unnecessary distractions. I work with you to focus on your needs and design a solution that targets the issues at hand. 

I have experience designing instructor-led courses, blended face-to-face and eLearning instruction, and complete eLearning courses. Additionally, I create job aids, brochures, and performance support tools.

I Create Designs

I recognize that training takes people away from their routine and from the work at hand. My courses and training packages are well-organized,  designed for intuitive learning experiences that carry over into the workplace routine. I build my courses and training with assessments built in. The learner receives feedback throughout the unit in order to focus on the correct outcomes. No time is wasted by unnecessary reworks.

My tools of choice are: Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Creative Suite and whatever software I need to effectively present the material.

I Make Learning

Some people are resistant to training for a variety of reasons. They may feel like they already “know this stuff”, they are too busy to take time away from their jobs, or that learning in front of others makes them vulnerable.

When I design courses or materials, I make them engaging and enjoyable. People learn best when they participate in the learning process; they struggle when the process is foisted upon them.

My courses include learner interactivity and feedback. I create learning pieces that present material in manageable chunks geared towards success. The learners gain skills for the long run and not just a short-term assessment.

What can I bring to your team?
My skills include:

All the above skills are bundled with a steely focus on teamwork, pinpoint-communication and collaboration throughout the design and development process. 

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