Project Info

Emergency Website Training

Software Used:

Articulate Storyline 2, Corel Video Studio, Adobe Audition, PowToons


The issue: The school district had a problem getting teachers adequately trained on a website designed to help them prepare for the many emergencies that can occur on campus. The district needed a solution to the current practice of training teachers to use the website on the day before classes began. This approach was ineffective because the teachers were distracted by the many other duties and meetings they needed to attend to during that time. As a result, most forgot just about everything including their passwords as soon as they walked out of the training room door.

The solution: I created a self-paced, online course that the teachers could access anywhere and at their convenience. This course, created in Articulate Storyline 2, mimicked the actual emergency website. The learners learned where to locate the site on the district web page, how to navigate the site, what information was available, and how to manage their profile. The course ended with a scenario that required the teachers to use the actual emergency site to resolve the problems in the scenario. A pilot group was divided into a section of teachers with varying computer abilities, and a group of teachers who worked on the course from home. Both groups successfully completed the course and were able to independently use the website with 100 percent success.